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We Must Take America Back

About Gerry James

Gerry and his wife of 32 years, Debra, have lived in St. Johns County 20 years, and have 2 wonderful sons and 3 beautiful grandchildren. As a Christian, he serves in prison ministry in several institutions including death row at Florida State Penitentiary. 

He was a professional athlete in 3 different sports, pro football, wrestling, and golf, and played in the US Senior Open. He was a 2 time World Masters Long Drive Champion, former Mr. California Body Building Champion, and is a current PGA pro golfer and financial advisor at

A Message From Gerry

I am a constitutional conservative with common sense, a true patriot who will defend our freedoms. I am in this fight at great personal cost. I am not in this for myself, to make friends in Tallahassee, or to become an enriched career politician. I am here for the love I have for this great state, and to make Florida better for our future children and grandchildren. I am in this fight for you. “


We Can Take Back District 7, Together

I am in this fight to win. I can’t do this alone, I need your help! Please help me fight by contributing as much as you can afford to contribute to my campaign. I am the most conservative candidate for the Florida Senate. My opponent’s family is among the wealthiest of developers in our district. They will do whatever it takes financially to defeat me. When and if they lie or deceive, through their PACs or direct advertising, about me, my supporters or my patriotic intentions, I must answer and clearly refute the lies and go on offense. I am your liberty grassroots candidate and my only special interest is you!

This fight, to win back the State Senate in District 7 from this RINO and for the people, will take a massive amount of money, most of which I am willing to put up myself. However, I will need people who deeply care about our great State and District 7 to fight with me. If you are unable to contribute, please visit my website to sign-up to volunteer. I need door to door volunteers to stand with me and phone calls to be made to voters for my campaign. At this time and although we have a majority Republican Senate in Florida, I can honestly say we have less than 5 true courageous men or women that truly serve us in the senate.

I vow to stand and fight. Never will I water down any of our constitutionally protected rights. Never will I go along to get along. Never will I work across the aisle with a communist. I will do everything in my power to get them as far from power as possible!