Medical Freedom

We must end medical tyranny. Medical coercion and mandates violate our constitutional rights. 

Election Integrity

We must restore confidence in our elections. If we refuse to make this right, the fraud will NEVER END.

Two-Tier Justice System

We must uphold law and order. We must put an end to a justice system that protects the radical left and ruling class RINOS in our state and country. There’s a blatant disregard for our laws as these bad actors aren’t held accountable for their crime; such as the Clintons, Pelosi, and Biden crime families, and so many others. Meanwhile, we have the FBI kicking down doors at 5 am of folks, like Roger Stone, for pointing out Ill-legalities of the very agencies whom are constitutionally sworn to protect us  Or, J6 political prisoners being held without due process, many from our state. We must restore our constitutional rights, incarcerate politically powerful criminals and hold accountable the people and institutions who take an oath to uphold our laws. 


Preservation over profit. I am committed to preserving our communities in District 7. We must stop this massive, unstructured, overdevelopment. This is not an attack on private property rights, but about government collusion with big development, at the expense of taxpayers. My opponent funds, supports and benefits from this overdevelopment, while eliminating commercial development space, the opportunity for large and small business growth, jobs, and Florida’s wildlife and natural beauty. 

Restore Our Rights

We the people need to know our God given rights so we do not allow government to usurp authority over us and strip away our rights.

2nd Amendment

I will fight for the right to restore and expand our Second Amendment rights, and end unconstitutional red flag laws. 

School Choice

Parents’ taxpayer dollars should follow the student where parents have the choice of public, charter, virtual, home, or private school. Our children deserve an education that is tailored to their individual learning style.